Training & Equipping

Partnering with experts in their fields, OES facilitates specialized training and intelligence programs to help keep our military safe.


Resource packages provided by OES address the demands of living in temperatures of over 110 degrees, and include items such as moisture wicking shirts, toiletries and other sundries. 

Family Reintegration & Support

Most Americans will never experience a combat deployment, but those who do need time to readjust after returning home.  The Operation Enduring Support "Take a Break Soldier" family reintegration program provides family opportunities for U.S. service men and women returning home from combat. 


These high quality experiences provide families time to relax and decompress away from the stresses caused by multiple deployments. This successful program allows soldiers to take off their helmets and enjoy needed down time with their families.

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Emergency Response

When critical situations occur in the life of a solider, OES moves quickly to respond to the need.  Whether it is uniting family members across the nation to be at the bed side of a severely wounded soldier, or lifting the spirits and finding much needed resources for our Gold Star kids, OES is there. 

OES prides itself in finding those in the military that have fallen between the cracks.  We consistently find that OES can provide for our military men, women and families especially when traditional channels and larger organizations are unable.