Thousands of miles away from home and loved ones... combat is lonely.  Returning home to an awaiting hospital bed is even lonelier.  Many of the wounded receive hospital visits from loved ones - some receive none... Operation Enduring Support has been there to help.  

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Our History

Operation Enduring Support was founded in 2003 by two friends, John Roure and Scott Haire, after an encounter with a Soldier at an airport.  Since that initial meeting, OES has helped thousands of Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen, as well as their families.


We are a rapid response organization that provides a range of services including family reintegration programs, specialized pre-deployment training, equipment provisioning, and emergency

response services. Today, OES continues to make a difference, one military member and one family at a time.


Secretary of the Army Public Service Award medal, presented by Pete Geren, the 20th United States Secretary of the Army.


The Outstanding Civilian Service medal, presented by 4 Star General Robert Cone.


Commander's Award for Public Service medal, presented by Lt. General Daniel Bolger.


Seven other Commander's Award for Public Service medals from Brigade and Regimental Commanders.

Take a Break Soldier

Take A Break Soldier is a family reintegration program developed by OES for active duty military men and women returning home from deployment abroad.


This program provides the opportunity for our service men and women to reconnect with their families and loved ones.



Operation Enduring Support (OES) is a Federal 501(c)3 nonprofit that serves all branches of active duty military and their families in Texas and across the United States.

OES provides a range of services including family reintegration and restoration opportunities, specialized pre-deployment training, equipment provisioning, and emergency response services.

As long as American service personnel are boldly  sacrificing to defend our freedoms, the members of Operation Enduring Support will be there, standing by them and walking with them, as long as it takes.

Operation Enduring Support, Inc.

- Advisory Board -

Sean Mannix of Austin, Texas is Chief of Police of Cedar Park, Texas, which is one of the fastest growing cities in America.  Sean has a Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice and is a graduate of the FBI National Academy at Quantico, Virginia.  Prior to his career in law enforcement, Sean was a United States Marine.


Roy Gilbert of San Antonio, Texas, is the president of Southwest Motor Transport, an international trucking company which he has grown into one of the largest trucking companies in the United States.  SMT is based out of San Antonio, Texas, with major terminals throughout the United States. Roy served in the U.S. Air Force.


Warren Houser of Dallas, Texas, is a founding partner of Centcom Realty Corp, a real estate investment company, which owns and self manages shopping centers throughout Texas.  He earned a Bachelor of Business Arts from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.  Warren’s father served in the U.S. Air Force and his great grandfather served as a Terry’s Texas Ranger.


Heidi Gigler of Austin, Texas is a business consultant, working with Fortune 100 companies, start-ups, and non-profits.  Prior to founding her own company, she served as Director of Development for the Dallas Symphony.   She earned a Masters in Business Administration from the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia, as well as a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her father was a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam and her grandfather served in WWII as a U.S. Army infantryman in the Pacific Theater.


Major Samuel P. N. Cook of New York is the former commander of the U.S. Army’s 3rd ACR Crazyhorse Scout Troop. Sam is credited in many publications and books for the innovative tactics he successfully used in changing the course of how the U.S. Army fought its war in northern Iraq. Sam is a graduate of the U.S. Army’s West Point Military Academy and earned his Masters Degree at NYU while serving on active duty. He returned to West Point as a professor teaching the future leaders of our U.S. Army. In many circles, Sam is looked at as the modern day Lawrence of Arabia for his many successes in Iraq.  Sam partnered with OES and together created cutting edge training programs that delivered incredible results against our enemies.  One of these missions was written in the book "The Gamble" under the chapter entitled, "The Insurgent Who Loved the Titanic."

Operation Enduring Support, Inc.

- Board of Directors & Executive Director -

John Roure of Austin, Texas, is the founder and Executive Director of Operation Enduring Support, which was founded in 2004.  John served as the state press secretary for a United States senator prior to starting Optic Solutions, a multi-million dollar distribution company specializing in compact disc systems.  John earned a Bachelor of Business Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington.  John’s father was a career medical doctor in the U.S. Navy, who served as a commander and senior medical officer, and is now retired. 


Scott Haire of Dallas, Texas, is vice-president of Cardinal Capital Partners, a multi-billion dollar national commercial real estate investment firm and is in charge of property dispositions.  He has earned a Bachelor of Business Arts from the University of Texas at Arlington. His uncle was a U.S. Marine helicopter pilot who served in Vietnam and his father served in the U.S. Air Force.


Rory Clark of Austin, Texas is retired lieutenant from the Austin Police Department.  Rory and his two sons were also U.S. Marines.




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